New Step by Step Map For car accident attorney Buena Park CA

22. To keep in circulation; provide and restock: We turned quite a lot of goods in the course of the holidays.

Tonight It is really my change to cook → Ce soir c'est à moi de faire la cuisine., Ce soir c'est mon tour de faire la cuisine.

transform - modify orientation or route, also within the summary feeling; "Transform towards me"; "The mugger turned and fled right before I could see his experience"; "She turned from herself and uncovered to listen to Many others' desires"

argument → umdrehen; video game, fortune → wenden; region, economic system, business → aus der Krise führen; she has turned my life all-around → sie hat mein Leben in Ordnung gebracht

convert - undergo a metamorphosis or maybe a change of posture or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The folks turned from the President when he stole the election"

= develop into → werden; to turn traitor → zum Verräter werden; Paul Crooks, an actor turned director, … → der Regisseur Paul Crooks, ein ehemaliger Schauspieler, …; he began to turn uncomfortable → er wurde unangenehm or ungemütlich; to turn awful/violent → unangenehm/gewalttätig werden; to show crimson (leaves etc) → sich rot färben; (human being: = blush) → rot werden; (site visitors lights) → auf Rot umspringen; it has over at this website recently turned chilly → es ist vor Kurzem kalt geworden; he has just turned 18 → er ist gerade eighteen geworden; it's got turned 2 o’clock → es ist two Uhr vorbei

shift, displace - trigger to move or change right into a new situation or place, equally within a concrete and in an summary perception; "Transfer People packing containers into the corner, make sure look at these guys you"; "I'm relocating my funds to a different financial institution"; "The director moved additional responsibilities onto his new assistant"

consequently one by one, one after the other, in succession, just one immediately after A different There have been cheers for Everyone as they spoke subsequently.

b. To reverse the program of; induce to retreat: "Then switch your forces from this paltry siege / And stir them up versus a mightier process" (Shakespeare).

b. To alter the situation or disposition of by folding, bending, or twisting: Transform the design proper side up on your jacket buttons. Transform the hat inside out.

change - lead to to maneuver together an axis or into a new path; "switch your deal with to the wall"; "convert Check This Out the vehicle around"; "switch your dance lover all around"

change towards anyone develop into hostile to, become disillusioned with, grow to be disenchanted with, take a dislike to, turn out to be unsympathetic to They turned in opposition to me when anyone claimed I'd been insulting them.

transform - improve on the contrary; "The trend was reversed"; "the tides turned against him"; "general public belief turned when it absolutely was unveiled the president had an affair having a White House intern"

alter of direction, reorientation - the act of fixing the course wherein some thing is oriented

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